Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I Can't Pind It

I love that Katie is 2 and talking up a storm. I also love that she pronounces "P" for "F" sounds. So all day long she says things like this:

"I got someping on my poot." (foot)

"I can't pind it." (find)

"My pinger's stuck!" (finger)

Maddy's Least Favorite

I try at bedtime every night to ask Maddy her favorite part of the day and her least favorite part of the day, just to have a chance to talk about things on her mind. For the last several days, when I ask her what her least favorite part was, she says,

"Not going to Disneyland."

Bear in mind that all day long, there has been no mention, discussion, or anything anywhere about Disneyland....I'm afraid she's going to be disappointed for quite some time.