Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm a blogger?

I never thought I'd be doing this. This sort of thing never really appealed to me until I started reading some blogs of people that I don't know well, but really like from a distance. So, here I am. Don't expect much. I have mommy brain and much of my life is composed of poop, major developmental milestones, and CareBears dvds.
Today I have been feeling the irony. The girls and I have had a more quiet week. Not so much running for once. And I have been feeling like such a better mommy. Less TV, lots more veggies on the girls plates, things of that nature that make mommies feel competent. And the irony is: All these wonderful veggies are tearing up Katie's tummy. Maddy has always had the digestion of a goat. Anything could go in, no change in potty habits. Katie on the other hand, now has a red bottom from being set free by the veggies. Poor baby, she loves them so much. And it's not even anything exotic. Just corn, green beans, cauliflower. So I suppose I'll just hope that her system adjusts to a healthier diet and layer on the Desitin. Does anybody really want to read this? Seriously?


angela said...

I want to read this!!!
YAY for veggies. What are you girls dressing up as for Halloween?

beckyhale said...

Maddy is going to be a cat. We found a cute nose w/whiskers and she actually keeps it on her face. Add ears and a tail and she is set. Katie has the option of a ladybug or a princess. I'm not sure which yet. What about Hannah? I know Olen is Tigger and he's too cute!

angela said...

oh and might I ask you write a blog on this snake handling??

carlyn said...

ok so i guess i am not the only one who feel like a better mom when we have less TV and more veggies. that thought has gone though my head like 100 times!! more books always makes me feel better too!!