Friday, March 20, 2009

Seven Quick Takes (Vol. 9)

1. We saw the Parthenon when we visited Nashville. I have to say, that big ol' Athena was pretty impressive. I've been a mythology nut since I was about ten, so seeing her was pretty cool. I was a little bothered by her face, though. It didn't go so well with her body. What do you think?

2. Maddy is in the "knock knock joke" phase. Need I say more?

3. I have learned to make homemade mac and cheese (as in no box and no orange cheesey powder). I wish I hadn't. I don't make it often but when I do, I eat ginormous amounts of it. The sauce is about a million times better than the boxed stuff and I just lap it up.

4. Katie has reached the point where she thinks she's speaking understandable English, but those of us who live with her beg to differ. So I end up with her in the high chair pointing randomly around the kitchen screaming something that sounds like "oooooo" and getting more frustrated by the minute that I don't understand. This happened today and when I got her out of the high chair, I discovered a heinous, large pOOp that was burning her bottom up. In my defense, when I asked her to say poop, it sounded nothing like what she had been saying in her high chair.

5. I am going to read a Joshilyn Jackson book. I have a link to her blog on my blog and I think she is hilarious. It's not often that I read something and laugh out loud, but she makes me. My favorite quote from her post yesterday is, in reference to her cat, "Boggart is hell’s twinkie and he has DEMONS where the cream filling should go." Is that not funny?

6. Have I mentioned that I tend to avoid Christian fiction? I have trouble reading any book that isn't written well. I have read Christian fiction that is well-written, but not very often. I have to say that Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers is a good one. And, of course, anything C.S. Lewis has ever done is great, including his science fiction.

7. My oldest has a lot of OCD tendencies. One of her most recent adventures in anal retentiveness involved her stuffed animals. She has quite a lot of stuffed animals, large and small. She has two plastic bins in her closet, one for the large ones and one for the small. After telling her repeatedly the other night to straighten up her room, I walked into her closet and just tossed them into whichever bin they happened to land in. Right before bed, she noticed this and lost the point that I realized she wouldn't even be able to sleep with them in the wrong places. So after threatening to make her go to bed without redoing them, I let her put it to rights while I put her sister down. She finally climbed into bed and I noticed a couple of small stuffed animals that had not been put away, I grabbed them and tossed them into her closet. She proceeded to want to get out of bed to check and make sure that I put them in the right place. I assured her that I had and then looked her in the eye and said, "Mommy does not LIE. If I told you I put it in the right place, I did." She has trust issues, too.


Kacie said...

Hah, I avoid Christian fiction too - my college literature professor (at a Bible school) called it all crap-o-rama. I'm reevaluating Francine Rivers now - she writes well and her books are addicting, but at the same time I wonder WHY. Are we women driven to them because of the emotional romance? If so, is that healthy for me?

In any case, I need to reread it and reevaluate, I think.

Emily said...

Knock Knock....Just kidding!!!
I thought that the Athena face looks weird too. It looks like it is not painted quite right or something.

Lerin said...

#2... no, you needn't say more.

Both Madeleine Sophie and Isabella passed through that phase around 3 years old, and hearing the random nonsensical jokes they came up with 1,000 times a day was quite the experience. ;)

Jamie Wilson said...

Reagan is very into knock knock jokes as well. Here is one for Maddy:

"Knock, Knock"
"Who's there?"
"Goliath who?"
"Goliath down, you look tired"

I like your "Seven Quick Takes". I might have to steal it for my blog. Maybe I will call it "Six Quick Takes" or "Seven Quick Tales" as to avoid copyright infringement. Ha Ha.