Monday, May 18, 2009

Encourage me!

I think the girls and I need more structure. I've always been good about mealtimes being fairly regular and bedtimes being strict, but in between it's always been kind of a free for all. I think that's one reason I don't get as much done as I should. So, today after I fed them breakfast, instead of getting sucked into blogs, I actually stole that moment's peace and read my Bible a little. (I think even that was interrupted by a fight between the girls, but at least I got some Proverbs in.) And then, hold your breath....this is kind of miraculous....we went for a walk! It has finally occurred to me that the easiest way for me to exercise will probably be WITH my children. (I tried the other day to grab 30 minutes of treadmill in the basement during Katie's nap, but it's unnerving to know that Maddy is up here skipping through the empty house even though it's kid-proofed. Yes, I told her to stay in her room and threatened her soundly. It didn't work. Plus, she had to go potty, etc. It's always something.) Anyway, Katie enjoyed kicking back in the stroller, and Maddy walked. She's finally old enough to obey and not get herself flattened in the middle of the road and the exercise was good for both of us. So here's to more structure in our day! Today was a good start. I'm hoping to continue until we get into a new routine. If I can get in daily Bible reading AND exercise, I'll be a whole different person.


Jamie said...

Do you have an IPOD? I have the Bible on mine and it is easier, at times, to listen rather than read. I usually clean while listening. I have been trying to read the bible from cover to cover this year and it was really for me to get through 1 chapter of Lev. Num. and Deut without falling asleep. That was when I started it on the IPod. Now I am up to Judges. It's easier to read so I only listen when I need to do other things at the same time.

beckygiggles said...

That's a good idea. I've just got a little shuffle so I don't know how much it will hold. My problem is that I don't have a time when I'm not "on call" until after the kids go down for the night now that Maddy has totally dropped her nap. I try to listen to my ipod while I clean when she's supposed to be in her room for quiet time, but she always walks in and scares me to death.

carlyn said...

i have been thinking a lot about these same issues after reading a chapter about self control in my Feminine Appeal book. i had so much more structure before pearl. i was just thinking today that if i plotted out everyday of her life i bet not one of them was the same. (luther is still on somewhat of a schedule) she is always getting up, eating, napping and everything at different times. it is kinda just go with the flow. but the problem is that things like Bible Study & exercise somehow get lost in the flow since there is no set routine. so i encourage you to ask God for strength to keep up you new schedule. and i will pray for you while i am praying for myself too!!