Friday, June 19, 2009

Seven Quick Takes (Vol. 11)

1. We have been sick for a LONG time now. I had a cold leading up to Maddy's birthday, Katie caught that cold the day AFTER Maddy's party which turned into a sinus infection (I think); then we both picked up a nasty stomach bug. Tomorrow makes two weeks since Maddy's party and we're just now all getting back to normal. I'm feeling just a wee bit cracked after all of this.

2. Speaking of stomach bugs, I highly recommend that anyone with children keep a supply of hospital-type gloves on hand. (Literally! I love puns.) Anyway, everytime something disgusting happens that I REALLY don't want to touch, those gloves save me.

3. Katie has a tendency to throw up in her bed in the middle of the night. (She didn't this time around but it's something she's done since she was itty bitty.) I never have a clue until I get her up the next morning. She's very neat about it, I have to say. She obviously sits up, makes a deposit at the far corner of her crib, and then lays back down to sleep. She usually just has a tiny bit on her sleeper at her feet. Clean hands and face. I don't know how she does it, but I appreciate not getting a 2am wake up call.

4. Another thing I love when the ickies are at our house is my ultimate crib sheet. Anything gross goes down in the crib and you've got this great waterproof sheet attached by snaps around the crib bars that shucks right off.

5. Maddy, on the other hand, is a hysterical puker. (Probably why Katie's method always leaves me so surprised.) She only does it about once a year and she has to be really sick for it to even happen. It is always spectacular (in a bad way) and extremely upsetting to her.

6. Don't you hate carseats that are never the same after you've had to majorly dissassemble and the reassemble? We found a great deal on a carseat/booster, but after one big mess, it was just never quite the same again. Note to self: Always stick with Graco.

7. I guess that's all for today. I'll have summer fun to blog about next since we're attempting a Dollywood trip next week. This will be both girls' first go at a theme park. God be with us. You can see everyone else's Quick Takes at Jen's blog.

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