Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Not ME! Tuesday

For those of you wondering what this is, MckMama over at mycharmingkids.net does a meme called "Not me Mondays" where you can 'fess up about some of your not so perfect moments as a mommy. For example, I most certainly did NOT accidentally tickle Katie's armpits while washing her in the tub causing her to SLAM her face into the shelf on the back of the tub gashing her lip. I always practice by the book tub safety procedures. Then I absolutely wouldn't ever be indecisive about something like my baby's health and ride around with her in the car for another hour trying to decide what to do and ending up letting an off duty nurse friend look at it and advise me to skip the ER. I can ALWAYS surmise a situation at a glance and know the absolute correct course of action. I also didn't waste an hour of time sitting in a flu-infested waiting room just to find out that her lip is fine and I totally overreacted with the trip to the doctor's office. NOT ME!!!! Just because a cut to the lip looks deep and oozes blood for twelve hours doesn't mean it's in the least bit serious and in need of medical attention. NO SIR!!!!! I also didn't secretly think it was funny that my self-absorbed four year old, Maddy, was running around in her panties with wet hair saying, "I'm cold. Can I have some chips? I don't want to go to the hospital. I don't like the hospital. Can I have some chips? I'm cold," while I was trying to call the doctor and figure out how to stop my two year old's lip from bleeding. It would be COLD and CALLOUS and CRUEL to be able to find any humor in that whole situation. Right? I also did NOT find it funny that my husband totally couldn't deal with the whole thing and rather bluntly told Maddy that it "WAS NOT ABOUT HER RIGHT NOW" while she was running around worrying about her creature comforts while her sister was bleeding like crazy. Because the rule in our house is NOT "whoever is bleeding gets the attention". That would totally ignore another child's needs and ego and self-esteem. We would NEVER have a rule like that. All I CAN do is thank God that her lip isn't too sore and doesn't seem to be hampering her appetite much at all.

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angela said...

i think this might be one of the funniest blog entries i've ever read; and i say that now, after we all know that katie is okay. :)