Friday, December 12, 2008

Seven Quick Takes (Vol. 5)

1. My mother doesn't trust the internet. I don't mean she doesn't fall for the "You've won the lottery in France" emails. I mean we found an awesome deal at on something she'd already bought and she refused to return the gift bought in a store and order from Amazon. To the tune of saving around $35. She just can't believe that it's the exact same product and it's that much cheaper.

2. You remember how I posted that my children don't ever do real sign language? Well, I tried and tried to teach the baby the sign for "more" because when she's in the high chair and wants something else to eat she tends to point and scream at me like I'm deaf. I tried this for literally weeks and then gave up. I haven't even attempted to show her that sign again in forever. Lately, she's been trying to say lots of words, even trying to say "more" when I prompt her. My mother visited today and I asked Katie to say "more" to show off her blossoming speech skills and she SIGNED it. And consistently signed and tried to say it the rest of Mama's visit. That little rat.

3. My three year old told me yesterday that she didn't like me. I'm obviously doing my job as a mother. She also apologized at bedtime and said, "I'm sorry I said I didn't like you, Mommy. Sometimes little girls don't like their mommies." Wow. I didn't think she'd make that discovery until at least the preteen years.

4. My one year old has ANOTHER cold. She hadn't even had any totally snot-free days since her last cold that came right before Thanksgiving. I think maybe God giggled when He made her and threw in a couple of slug genes just for fun. She is the single-most mucous producing child I have ever seen. Not the constant clear drippage of an allergic child, but you let her get a cold and her body's only defense seems to be as much snot as her little nose can crank out. Not even a nice little fever to help fight it off, just snot, snot, and more snot.

5. I kind of wish we could get cat. I know the girls would love something furry in the house to love on. I'm not quite ready for a dog, but cats are low maintenance enough that I think I could handle one of those. On the down side, my husband would probably have to move out or his eyes would be permanently swollen shut, hideously bloodshot (stuck with a hot poker bloodshot), and he would start having trouble breathing. When you weigh it all out, it's just not quite worth it.

6. I so need to wrap presents. No, not one is actually wrapped. And no, they're not even all bought.

7. Would it be bad if I toted up all the little people in my house (little people toys, not actual midgets) and just hid them in the basement and brought them all out on my baby's second birthday as part of her gifts? My oldest is pretty much done with them, and the little one isn't really into them yet and I'm so tired of organizing them into their little sets. Okay I rarely do it, but it's such an exercise in futility that I'd like to not even see them for a few months.

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Jennifer @ Conversion Diary said...

Oh, no! I just realized I deleted the wrong link to your post. That's what I get for going online when I'm tired. I'll re-submit it.

Enjoyed reading your quick takes!

Emily said...

My mom doesn't trust the internet either....Or check cards. She still writes checks everytime she buys something and would NEVER order anything off the internet because she is so afraid of identity theft. I think that is why she doesn't have a check card either.......

Talia said...

totally not bad to hide the little people and re-gift them to her! we are re-gifting all of bryce's old toys to kael this year for christmas : ). we only bought him a pair of shoes and a hoodie from target for christmas. good money saver and they will never know!!

angela said...

how cute that she said little girls don't like their mommies sometimes. true and cute. =)

carlyn said...

oooh...good idea becky!! i was wondering what to do with all of luther's old toys now that he got all of these new ones for his bday and christmas. all of his toddler toys are pretty gender neutral, so hopefully pearl won't mind. and she will never need clothes thanks to you!! she is a very low maintainance child :) see, this is why i love blogs, and playgroups.