Friday, December 5, 2008

Seven Quick Takes (Vol. 4)

And away we go!
1. I drank whiskey last night. I'm not a complete teetotaler. I will have a drink once a year or so, but last night was purely for medicinal reasons. I have bronchitis and a friend of my mother's sent me some whiskey to try and quiet my cough. It was somewhat effective, but I couldn't help but wonder, when I got that slightly loopy feeling, what's the lure of this stuff? Why do some people like to go out and drink and get all crazy? I didn't even get the giggles. I always just feel like I need a nap. I would so not be fun drunk. I actually had someone tell me once that since I tend to be fairly happy sober, I would probably be a lousy drunk. I agree.

2. My house is dirty. Let me clarify: dirty-er than usual. I have had bronchitis for a week, both the kids have had colds, and the oldest has had some sort of weird potty training regression that almost made me lose my mind. If my energy levels ever return to normal, I have got some serious cleaning to do just to get us back up to plain old dirty, instead of almost unliveable conditions.

3. You know the buttons that come with clothes so that you have a spare button should you lose one? I have carelessly tossed these buttons, still in their tiny ziplock bags, in the top drawer in Maddy's room since her birth. She recently discovered them, has started calling them her "treasure" and will honestly have a stroke if I dare to mess with them or deny her access to them for any reason. I mean literally a jumping up and down, freaking out, fit. She has already had a time out in her bed today purely because of the fit she threw when she thought I was going to take them away.

4. My one year old licked the glass door at a McDonalds play area tonight. Ew. I could only see her from behind while she was watching her Nanny purchase a SECOND happy meal because they dared to give my three year old a boy toy instead of a purple pony unicorn. I should have had the baby lick a petri dish after just to see what would culture out.

5. Poor Britney. That's one screwed up girl. That's all I've got to say about that.

6. My pastor's wife posted on Facebook for everyone to fill her in on their favorite song. The ONLY song that jumped into my head was "Baby Got Back" by Sir Mix a Lot. I shuffled through a few Christian songs in my head and then decided I was just trying to think of a way to suck up. Honestly, "Baby Got Back"? I haven't even heard that song in forever. But I really do love it.

7. My husband has finally succumbed to the billions of germs floating around in our house. Pray for me.
Sorry, almost forgot to add the link. Here's everyone else's quick takes:


Emily said...

I hate that Billy is sick too! I hope that you guys all get better soon. Please tell me that you did not post that "Baby Got Back" is your favorite song. I know that it is catchy and all, but your very favorite? Surely not.

beckygiggles said...

I didn't post that on Teana's wall. Are you kidding? It was just the first thing that came to mind and after I got that tune in my head, nothing else could get in.

angela said...

"Baby Got Back"...You are cracking me up!!!
Do you watch Friends, or did you watch Friends? Did you see the episode where the only way baby Emma would laugh was if they sang that to her. So funny!!!

carlyn said...

have you ever seen that special on vh1 about the 80's where sir mixalot talks about that song?? i laughed until i got a headache watching that one afternoon. well if you haven't maybe you have seen the music video because he says he looked like a terd dancing on that big butt!!