Saturday, November 29, 2008

Seven Quick Takes (Vol. 3)

Wow. I can't believe this is already my third quick take. Time is flying by me this month.

1. I think time is flying by so fast because of all the holiday food and sickness in my house. This week we have had two Thanksgiving feasts, three colds, and two stomach viruses. (Mild tummy troubles, thank God.)

2. I had the best wedding cake of my life while I was pregnant with Maddy. I craved a lot of sweets with her and had the joy of attending Lindsay Bowie's wedding reception. I didn't know the bride at all so I wasn't very emotionally invested. As a result, I was LOVIN' the food at the reception. When it became cake time, I was so excited. My husband even let me have his cake so everyone wouldn't have to see the HUGELY pregnant woman go through the cake line twice. And, may I just say, that was the best cake I've ever had in my life. I understand that part of it was those crazy pregnancy hormones that make you crave stuff. But since that night, I have yet to put anything in my mouth that tastes so good and is so satisfying, all at the same time. The cravings and the hormones and the cake all came together for a strange kismet that I know will never again be recreated. And that makes me a little sad.

3. My three year old has strong tendencies toward hysteria. I have spent most of her life talking her down from emotional ledges. So a couple of weeks ago, when she was picked up from her Sunday school class in hysterics, I didn't get overly concerned. If you didn't know her well, you would assume she had been beaten or otherwise traumatized; but, knowing her as I do, I figured something set her off and she just hopped on the crazy train for a long ride. We finally got out of her that she had been put in time out and she didn't know why. Well, I figured that someone just told her to get in her seat and she interpretted that as time out. We did a little investigating and that was exactly what happened. Well, the following Sunday she tells me the same thing. So I facebooked her teacher and told her that if Maddy really got put in time out to let me know, otherwise I would just assume that she was told to get in her seat again. She facebooked me back to let me know that Maddy really did get put in time out that time. Sheesh. In Maddy's words, "Teacher just put me in time out, she didn't give me a smackin'." (She calls spankings "smackin's". It makes it sound much more brutal that the one swat she gets on her bottom for disobedience.) Three year olds can be so stinkin' crazy.

4. My one year old is allergic to air. She was born with a heinous milk allergy and was just super sensitive to everything. Thankfully, she has outgrown the milk allergy, but her current list of allergies includes avocado (Seriously, who is allergic to avocadoes? The chick at the pediatrician hadn't ever heard of a reaction to it at all. She was very interested to know what an allergic reaction to avocado looked like.), eggs (only if she eats a whole one, she can handle a few bites), and something in spaghetti sauce. I'm thinking maybe garlic? She also broke out when I made Chicken Helper fried rice. So garlic is the only thing I can think that those two things might have in common. I've gotten to the point where if we go somewhere out of the way, where someone else has cooked, I just keep the Benadryl in the diaper bag and look for the hives to start.

5. Two words that strike fear and dread into the utmost depths of my being: Christmas shopping. I've barely even begun.

6. We had this awesome writing spider that lived on our porch at the end of summer and on into fall. The girls and I would visit it every day and get excited if we got to see it sucking the life out of something. I kept thinking with the first frost it would shrivel up and die but it hung out with us until just a little before Thanksgiving. Just before Halloween it moved it's web from just outside the porch spindles to right beside the front door. My mom was so freaked by a spider that big by the front door, but it totally stayed in it's web. It was a gorgeous black and yellow spider. I miss it.

7. Ugh. I'm coughing. I have cold #2 of the week.

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Emily said...

Yay! You did a picture! I am so proud. You are going to end up being the best blogger ever!

beckygiggles said...

I was really proud about the picture too. I'm sure the first pic I post is of the spider and not the kids.

angela said...

Charlie is allergic to avocados, which makes me very sad because I LOVE making guacamole but he never can eat it.

beckygiggles said...

I meant to ask you Angela, what kind of reaction does he have? Katie broke out in big ugly welts wherever it touched her face. (She didn't actually ingest it, she didn't like it.)

brettinsky said...

you seriously left the spider there for a while and you miss it? I have safeway come to our house every 3 months to make sure there is nothing living at our house other than Riki, me, and Sassie our cat!

Have you started Christmas shopping yet? Do let me know if you need help!