Saturday, November 15, 2008

Seven quick takes (Vol. 1)

So I got this idea from one of my favorite blogs (I hope I just did that right.) Anyway, she challenged her readers to do a seven quick takes blog entry on Fridays like she does and link back to her. So since I didn't have a decent entry, with any thought involved, I thought I'd give this a shot.

1. I have realized recently that a friend of mine is officially a Martha. Clean house, totally organized, lives to entertain, even has a blog about it. My questions are: (A) why does she even like me? Is it because she's never seen my house?, (B) How do people live that way? I couldn't take the pressure. My daily To Do list generally goes like this:
Keep the children alive.
Make sure the kitchen is neither on fire, nor growing anything gross.
Put the towels in the dryer before they get stinky.
And that's about it. Oh, and facebook obsessively.

2. I was inspired by this cleaning/organizing blog and while the kids were in the tub threw out some old hair/makeup stuff in the bathroom. Do you realize I still had banana clips? You know the hair clips that automatically gave you a faux mo, kind of like a horses mane down your back. Especially if your hair was rolled, a little teased and SERIOUSLY hairsprayed. Like mine was. These clips had to be 20 years old. No one, not even me thank goodness, has worn those since about 1988.

3. I love my Dyson vacuum cleaner. Some day I will write and post a poem to its awesome suction and genius in design.

4. Today my three year old started an annoying laugh. It sounds like "heh heh heh heh heh" along the lines of Beavis and Butthead, but not so nasal. How do I make this stop? It's driving me crazy. It's a full blown habit and I would feel guilty if I actually punished her for it.

5. I have to pee.

6. I copied this from the awesome blog I linked to, but have you seen the anti-God advertisements that some humanists are putting out? The big catch line is "Just be good for GOODNESS sake." Because the atheists were feeling a bit left out during the holidays. Seriously....these people say there is no absolute truth and then pick the term "good" to use in their catchphrase.

7. I LOVE the Veggie tales song about s'mores. We sing it in the car at the top of our lungs. Even the baby grins when it comes on.


Diva Mom Vicki said...

I think it's hilarious that every '7 Quick Takes' I've read so far (including mine) have used one take to discuss their facebook obsession!

Cute blog. As Ahr-nold says, "I'll be back!"

The Thoughts of Emily said...

This is too funny. You know that I love the first quick take the best. And the one about the banana clips.

angela said...

I agree about not having the energy to keep up with Brett's blog. She a better person than me.
Oh and the facebook thing....we should start an addiction group, on facebook!!!

brettinsky said...

Funny Funny! Thanks for stroking my ego a little bit in your 7 quick takes!

And just so you know, I wore a banana clip to my 8th grade banquet, with some seriously super BIG hair!

And for the record I
a.Don't have kids
b.Don't spend every waking moment on facebook!

brettinsky said...

What are these pickle, cream cheese, ham roll things you talk about? Recipe please!

Jamie said...

Ha ha! Love it. I'm no Martha Clean House, either, and my daily schedule is very similar to yours:

- keep kids alive
- avoid squalor
- make sure everyone has clean underwear
- keep sanity intact

Jennifer F. said...

#1 sounds so much like me that I thought I was reading my own blog for a minute (until I got to the Facebook part...if you'd said "blog" or "check email" or "Twitter" I really might have thought it was me). Hilarious.

#6 - Ziiiiing! What a great point.

I'm glad to have come across your site. I'll be back.